The Music Industry: Behind the Business

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Quincy Jones III and Chamillionaire:The Business Side of The Music Industry

Hip-hop artists Chamillionaire & Quincy Jones IIIĀ  discuss mastering the business side of the music industry.

The Music Industry is not just about creating the music, but you have to have the business mind to succeed. Keeping up with cutting-edge technologies, production logistics, and finding creative ways to gain direct audience contact are essential.

Viral web chats, audience direct conversation, product giveaways, brand ownership, and streaming relevant content. All of these tactics are creative, low-cost or no-cost marketing techniques employed by entrepreneurs and rap artists today.

In this video, both men discuss some of their best and working strategies in casting a net for the widest audience online, and the great rewards their efforts have unearthed, including album and ticket sales, and the sale of over five million ring tones.



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